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The Center of Hope is home to large scale spay campaigns organised and funded by Romania Animal Rescue. These campaigns are part of a larger ongoing project covering the whole of Romania and also includes mobile clinic projects, bringing veterinary care to remote areas previously unreachable.

Why Spay???


Everyone knows spay and neuter is the humane solution to the stray animal problem but why?


Stopping the problem at its source – the next generation of stray dogs mostly comes from the dogs within peoples homes and yards. We target owned animals, families without the possibility of veterinary help either because of financial reasons or just simply lack of accessibility to good veterinary healthcare. Without sterilisation programmes, regular people are left with impossible choices, to raise dogs they cannot afford to look after, kill them as puppies or abandon them. The relief on their faces when we return their pets is indescribable. We help people to live better lives with their animal companions.

Longterm attitude change – Attitude change is the key to sustainability in population control. We aim to teach people prevention of unwanted births is a better solution than allowing the problem to exist in the first place. Without this change shelters continue to overflow and the killing and suffering continues. If we can change peoples attitudes so that spay and neuter is part of everyday life, then the battle to reduce unwanted births is almost won.

The caretakers of the animals we spay are our ambassadors in education. They tell their neighbours how well their pets recover and show the small incisions. They show others we can be trusted with their smallest member of the family. Slowly but surely they show people how their life can be better.

Romania Animal Rescue spay campaigns run in parallel with public education projects and also sponsorships for Romanian vets to learn safe efficient sterilisation surgery techniques.

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