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Romania Animal Rescue was founded in 2003 after Nancy Janes visited Romania and saw the plight of stray dogs there. Since then the focus has been spay and neuter to tackle the stray overpopulation problem at its source. June 2008 saw the addition of Dr Aurelian Stefan as medical director who offered Family vet clinic in Craiova, to be used as a base. Romania Animal Rescue was then able to develop more mobile and far reaching spay campaigns as well as having their first ongoing monthly commitment to spaying in the town of Craiova.


Over the next 9 years the RAR veterinary team slowly grew and training also became incorporated into the work, ensuring there is another generation to continue the foundation we have started.


Animal Spay and Neuter International (ASNI) our UK based sister charity was born in 2011 with the focus on our spay campaigns outside of Romania. The team has visited countries such as Portugal, Suriname, Gabon, Dominican Republic and Greece, to share our methods of maintaining standards in less than ideal conditions and demonstrating our minimally invasive techniques. We work with the same vets rather than constantly changing volunteer vets to ensure certain standards and met and maintained. We can often identify which of our vets spayed which dog by the shape of the tattoo they received marking them as spayed.

In 2017 The Center of Hope opened just outside Bucharest, the first purpose built veterinary clinic, education and welfare center in Romania and it became our main base for spay campaigns for the local area as well as throughout Romania. By the end of 2017 the team will have surpassed a total of 60, 000 surgeries to date and the work continues.



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