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Diagnostic Services

At The Center of Hope we have a wide range of diagnostic equipment to help accurately diagnose your pet’s problem. This allows us to begin the correct treatment as quickly as possible using the most appropriate up to date drugs at our disposal.

We use our diagnostic equipment to provide your pet with the most efficient and cost effective care, by advising which specific tests will provide the most valuable information. Our skilled vets combine the results of a physical examination with analysis of any test results to reach a diagnosis.

We are continually investing in the best equipment as well as the training which allows our team to use our equipment to its full potential.

Our diagnostic services include

· Digital X ray – Our X ray facilities are amongst the most advanced in Romania. Our digital X ray system exposes your pet to much lower levels of radiation than older x ray systems and we have a clear digital image within seconds. If required this image is easily sent by e mail to international veterinary collegues so that we can provide the most advanced care for your pet.

· Video Endoscope – We are able to perform endoscopy which allows us to diagnose a variety of conditions using less invasive methods. Some foreign bodies may be removed from the upper gastrointestinal system without the need for surgery keeping the risks to your pet to a minimum and significantly reducing recovery time. The procedure may be recorded allowing you to have a record of your pets proceedure.


· Ultrasound – This is a non invasive method of looking at soft tissue structures. Our staff are trained to interpret the images produced and we are pleased to be able to provide a photographic image of your pets scan for you to keep. Using this equipment we can identify problems with structures such as the heart, uterus, bladder, kidney, liver, stomach and spleen. Ultrasound is also used for pregnancy diagnosis. We are able to perform ultrasound scans during your pets consultation leading to a rapid diagnosis, preventing any delay in treatment.
· ECG (electrocardiogram) – This records the electrical activity of the heart and is often used in conjunction with X rays or ultrasound to give a complete picture of your pets heart problem so we can help you understand their condition and what to expect as they get older. We are also able to use our ECG to monitor your pet whilst under anaesthesia allowing any problems to be detected early and action taken to keep your pet safe.

· Microscopy – Our laboratory is equipped with an optical video microscope allowing us to analyse samples immediately after their collection. We can examine hair, skin samples and body fluids at up to 100x magnification. With this equipment we can identify microscopic tissue and blood parasites allowing us to advise on the correct treatment regime depending upon their specific lifecycle ensuring the shortest recovery time possible. Blood smears can also help in the diagnosis of a wide variety of haematological conditions where fast diagnosis can be vital in saving your pets life.

· Analysis of blood samples – In our fully equipped laboratory we are able to analyse blood samples within minutes to give accurate results helping us care for your pet. As part of our preventative care service, blood samples can identify problems with the kidneys or liver in the early stages before your pet shows outward signs of illness. This increases the treatment options available, prolonging their life.

If your pet is ill our vets have a range of blood tests to choose from allowing accurate confirmation of their diagnosis. These can be performed whilst you wait. We can analyse biochemical parameters to look at organ function and hormone production as well as the shape and number of red blood cells and white blood (haematology). Some less common tests may need to be sent to a specialist laboratory but most blood tests are performed at the clinic by members of our trained team.

· Faecal analysis – The presence of parasites can be identified by microscopic analysis of faecal samples. This allows the correct treatment regime to be administered depending upon parasite lifecycle and steps can be taken to prevent reinfestation.

· Bacterial cultures can be performed and tested for antibiotic sensitivity to ensure the correct, most effective antibiotic is used in the first instance.

· Biopsies and tissue sample collection – Biopsies can carefully be taken for analysis in our sterile theatre. We understand the importance in handling and preserving these small pieces of tissue with care so that they reach the experts at the lab in perfect condition for analysis.

· Analysis of urine and body fluids – We can perform biochemical analysis of urine to look for the presence of blood, protein, glucose, bilirubin and ketones. We can also measure the concentration and pH as well as using our light microscope to examine any sediment for cells from the urinary tract, red blood cells, white blood cells, crystals and bacteria.

This comprehensive analysis can be combined with the results of blood samples, ultrasound or X ray to assess the health and function of the whole urinary system to a standard comparable to that of a human hospital. We demand quick, rapid results for our patients so that treatment can be started and your pet can feel better in the shortest time possible.

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