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· RAR financial supporter: Donate a few pennies/cents now or set up a monthly donation.

Think of us in your will.

Give a spay as a gift. Receive details on the dog you have helped.

One spay costs 25,-euros/ 20 GBP/ $25. Visit

· RAR fundraiser: Why not make your own spay team and organise your own fundraising events to sponsor a whole spay day or more! In one day our vets can routinely spay between 30 and 70 animals. You or your team can sponsor

a whole day from 600 euros / $750. Why not come and participate in your day too. Great idea for individuals as well as corporate team building events with a difference.

· RAR volunteer: Come help at a spay campaign. We need people to carry dogs from preparation to surgery to recovery, instrument washers and packers, manage the transport kennels, watch animals in recovery. More experienced volunteers may help with clipping before surgery. We can usually find a job for all abilities just be prepared for some hard work and some fun. A donation is appreciated to be able to participate as a volunteer. Suggested amount is 300euros/ GBP per week. Accomodation may be available depending on availability.

· RAR virtual helper: Promote our mission through social media.

· RAR ambassador: Use your skills, image and experience to promote our mission. Source funding through networking, lobby for political change, talk to community groups, source supplies and equipment.

Get Involved!

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