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The Course

These are some general areas which may be covered during your time at the Veterinary Training Camp. These may change according to your individual requirements and it may be possible to cover other related subjects. Please contact us if you have special requests.

· Pre operative assessment

· Preparation such as IV access and intubation (sternal and dorsal recumbency, with/ without assistance)

· Behaviour, body language and handling

· Selection of surgical instruments

· Surgical techniques

· Suture material selection, use and suture patterns

· Potential complications to routine surgeries, peri and post operatively

· Midline spay vs. flank spay

The Center of Hope where the course takes place is a fully functioning, well equipped clinic, conference and education center. You will be welcome to be involved with regular clinic cases which may arrive during your stay. We have a large caseload involving stray animals as part of our Homeless Animal Hospital project as well as specialized surgeries and private clients.

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