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Medical Services

At The Center of Hope our vets and nurses regularly participate in international lectures to ensure your pet has the best and most up to date medical care.

Clinical Examination

Our vets can accurately identify a range of medical conditions by performing a thorough clinical examination. This forms the basis of selecting exactly the tests required to rapidly achieve an accurate diagnosis using our diagnostic services all found under one roof at The Center of Hope.

We have the knowledge and expertise to prescribe medication equivalent to that used by human doctors for a variety of different species.

Nursing Care

At The Center of Hope we feel it is important to stay upto date with the latest advances in veterinary nursing care which is why we invest in continual staff development so you can be confident your best friend is in the best hands.

Our team includes a qualified veterinary assistant from the UK allowing us to offer gold standard intensive nursing care should your pet require hospitalisation with us in our purpose built kennel area. Whilst they are with us we treat your pet as if they were our own.

Our team can assist you in administering medication and monitoring your pets recovery to ensure they are feeling 100% in the shortest time possible.

Management of Chronic Conditions

Some medical conditions such as heart or kidney disease, diabetes or arthritis cannot be cured only managed. Our vets can develop a treatment programme with the latest medications to keep you and your pet happy and comfortable. Long term our team can monitor your pets’ condition and make adjustments to the treatment programme when necessary. We are proud to offer this high level of individual care specific to your needs.


The Center of Hope has two separate isolation facilities to allow us to offer the best standard of care for infectious and contagious life threatening diseases such as distemper, parvo virus, panleukopaenia and myxomatosis. We have a strict barrier nursing protocol to allow us to care for these critical patients whilst protecting the other patients in the hospital. You can be confident our isolation facilities are among the best in Romania.

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