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The Center of Hope provides quality care by highly trained staff. We pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest advances in veterinary medicine and work towards improving companion animal welfare through a balance of specialised services and subsidised ‘free’ healthcare for the less fortunate. Education of the public and the advancement of veterinary profession within Romania and also internationally are at the heart of our underlying values.

Center Philosophy


  • We work hard to provide high quality veterinary care to companion animals regardless of background.

  • We aim to be a centre of excellence for veterinary care where specialist services contribute to the centre’s charitable projects allowing us to uphold our values in welfare that we feel are important.

  • We will work towards the first dedicated, ‘free’ healthcare service in Romania for homeless animals.

  • We promise to ensure the best service is provided for our clients and patients by constantly re-evaluating our methods and techniques.

  • We will lead the way in improving animal welfare through provision of training and education for veterinary professionals, children and members of the public.

  • It is important to us to develop international relationships with other veterinary professionals and animal welfare groups, enhancing the position of Romania within the global veterinary community.

  • Our large scale spay and neuter projects will continue to be the basis of our goal to improve animal welfare We believe sterilisation is vital as the humane solution to population control.

  • We aim to be at the center of our local community as well as participating in the global welfare and veterinary community.

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