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Accommodation and Location

Self catering accommodation is provided in the apartment space above the clinic. Seven double rooms are available, 3 bathrooms, shared kitchen with cooking facilities and washing machine available for use. Internet access is available throughout the building and the projector/ large screen TV in the conference hall is available for entertainment during free time.

Transport is provided to and from Bucharest Otopeni (Henry Coanda) airport if required. If you wish to spend time visiting the area car hire is recommended. A bus stop is located outside the center which goes to the largest supermarket and nearest metro station for the city center. Support will be given wherever possible in getting around.

The center is located in the small rural village of Piteasca just to the east of Bucharest. It is a typical small Romanian village with approximately 1340 inhabitants. You will be able to experience how life is like for many Romanian people and the scenic surroundings are the ideal place to relax after an intensive day of surgeries.

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