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Surgical Services

We are fully equipped to perform to the highest standard


· Orthopaedic surgery

· Soft tissue surgery

· Neutering

· Dental treatment

· Anaesthesia and anaesthetic monitoring

· Post operative care and monitoring

· Wound management

Orthopaedic Services

We are specialised to perform and offer postoperative care for a variety of orthopaedic conditions. At the Center of Hope we have a dedicated sterile theatre used for surgeries where sterility is of extreme importance. We are proud to be one of the only clinics in Romania using Stryker specialised orthopaedic power tools, often used by human orthopaedic surgeons. Our on site digital X ray system means that radiographs can be taken immediately after surgery to confirm the positioning of the implants when necessary.


We also have the most modern plate system for fracture repair. Developed in Italy it ensures a high level of stability and maintains the blood supply to the area by avoiding excess pressure on the bone which occurs in traditional plate methods. This accelerates the return of function and mobility for your pet. We are constantly researching new methods as they are developed to ensure we are offering the highest standard of care possible.


The high surgical standard is matched by our anaesthetic and anaesthetic monitoring protocols. We are trained and experienced in using a range of both injectable and gaseous anaesthetics in a variety of different species. We often use a multimodal approach where several different drugs are combined to reduce the dose required and therefore the risk of adverse reactions. This may include local anaesthesia as well as general anaesthesia to ensure your pet is receiving the best anaesthesia possible for their procedure. The anaesthetic agent we use will depend upon the health and condition of our patient, keeping your pets surgery as safe as possible.


All surgical patients receive analgesia/ anti-inflammatory medication as we believe this is vital not only for their comfort but in helping them have a quicker stress free recovery. We select the most appropriate combinations of drugs for your pet from our pharmacy. These range from constant rate intravenous infusions for more painful conditions to oral medication that may be given at home.


We are also able to minimise anaesthetic risk through

· Careful preoperative assessment

· Close monitoring by highly trained staff during anaesthesia

· Post operative monitoring


We have a range of monitoring equipment that can measure physiological parameters such as blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, electrical activity of the heart (ECG) and blood pressure. This equipment is only as good as the person interpreting the values. Our team includes a qualified nurse from the UK specifically trained in anaesthetic monitoring. We are able to analyse the information given by the monitoring devices as well as information given by examining the anesthetised animal to carefully adjust the level of anaesthesia and administer appropriate drugs to ensure your pet has a smooth anaesthesia and recovery.


Our vets are specialists in minimally invasive spay surgeries. They are part of the Romanian Animal Rescue team and have conducted large scale neutering projects across Romania as well as in countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Portugal, Suriname, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Africa. By the end of 2017 they will have surpassed 60000 surgeries and the work continues. Find out more about our sterilisation campaigns at the Center of Hope here.


We are proud to offer a range of opthalmic services with our internationally trained vet. Cateract surgery is one of the proceedures we can offer using specialist opthalmic equipment and high power surgical microscope. This means we can offer your pet the widest range of upto date surgical solutions.

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