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Dr. Aurelian Stefan DVM

Dr. Aurelian graduated from the University of Bucharest in 2004. In April 2006 he co authored 'Post Operative Pain evaluation in Pets', The Scientific Studies Congress of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Timisoara. He also completed a four month apprenticeship under the guidance of Dr. Jeffery Young of Planned Pethood from Denver, Colorado, USA.

Dr. Aurelian currently is responsible for two veterinary clinics, Family Vet in Craiova and The Center of Hope outside Bucharest. He is the medical director for Romania Animal Rescue and manages the organisation of large scale sterilisation projects throughout Romania and internationally in which he participates and can operate on upto 40 or 50 animals per day. He is also responsible for Romania Animal Rescues project, Homeless Animal Hospital which provides free or subsidised veterinary care for strays and the less fortunate.

Dr. Aurelian is a pioneer for the humane population control of street dogs in Romania and is keen to develop and share surgical techniques which allow optimum patient recovery with minimal complications.

Dr Petrisor Stefan DVM

Dr. Petrisor graduated first in his year from the University of Bucharest in 2006. He along with his brother Dr Aurelian Stefan are responsible for two veterinary clinics located in Bucharest (The Center of Hope) and Craiova (Family Vet).

His areas of special interest include orthopaedics, endoscopy, ultrasound and parasitology. He is currently developing modern techniques for the neutering of companion animals and is working towards minimising peri operative and post operative complications through the use of a combination of advanced surgical techniques, appropriate materials and drug usage. He is continually applying this knowledge to his main interest of population control.


Dr. Petrisor is instrumental in numerous neutering projects both in his home country of Romania as well as abroad in countries such as Greece, Portugal, Dominican Republic, Suriname and the USA. He believes in sharing his skills and experiences to help the next generation of vets advance the veterinary profession.

Dr. Roxana Stan DVM

Dr. Roxana graduated from the University of Bucharest in 2011 and is part of Romania Animal Rescues main mobile spay team. She is one of our most active spayathon vets and travels around Romania for most of the year, to deliver mobile spay/neuter campaigns. She also operates internationally as part of RAR’s sister charity Animal Spay and Neuter International. An average day would involve spaying 25 to 30 dogs so she is able to pass on a large amount of experience as an expert in her field.



Ruth Osborne BSc (hons), VN, DipCABT

Ruth Osborne holds a degree in Zoology, masters diploma in companion animal behaviour counselling and is also a qualified veterinary nurse. She moved to Romania from the UK in 2012 after getting involved with Romania Animal Rescue and is involved in nurse and student training at the Veterinary Training Camp as well as co ordinating with the vet attendees. She has an interest in anaesthesia monitoring and developing protocols for large scale neutering campaigns that maintain standards in less than ideal conditions.

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