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Preventive Healthcare

At The Center of Hope we believe it is better to prevent problems rather than treating them when they occur. Our preventative healthcare program helps you care for your pet allowing them to lead longer happier lives. It gives us a chance to get to know you and your pet so we are more likely to identify problems early, increasing the treatment options available.


There are several areas where we can offer expert help and advice


· General pet care – We are happy to discuss topics such as nutrition, coat/skin care, dental care, behaviour and exercise. The advice we give will depend upon the age, breed and health of your pet so we can help you provide them with exactly what they need to stay happy and healthy

· Puppy and kitten care – Growing puppies and kittens need specific care to ensure they grow into healthy adults. Our team can teach and advise you on all aspects of looking after the newest member of the family.


Geriatric pet care – As your pet gets older their needs change and they are more likely to develop medical problems. We can advise you on managing old age changes. By keeping careful clinical computerized records we can identify subtle gradual changes in your pet over time allowing conditions to be identified early. We are also able to run geriatric profile blood and urine tests to identify problems seen in old age before your pet shows outward clinical signs.

· Vaccinations – We are able to vaccinate against many common viral diseases. This provides your pet with the ability to fight a specific virus before it can replicate to levels which cause illness or even death. We advise vaccination to prevent your pet suffering with a preventable disease.

Before their vaccination pet receives a general examination where we can ensure they are in the best of health and answer any questions you may have about their care.

· Parasite control – Parasites can seriously affect your pets health. These can range from external parasites such as fleas, lice and ticks to internal parasites such as various species of parasitic worm as well as parasites which live in the blood and can be fatal. We can identify which parasites your pet is most at risk from and advise on the appropriate treatment. We can help you administer these treatments if your pet is not amenable to receiving medication so you can provide your pet with the highest level of care.

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