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It is set in the beautiful countryside just outside Bucharest, Romania at The Center of Hope a purpose built veterinary clinic, welfare and education center. Where there may be opportunities to get involved in other cases and surgeries that may arrive at the clinic during your stay even though the focus of the course is spay and neuter surgical skills.

More info about Veterinary Training Camp in Romania here:

The Veterinary training camp is a residential one to one practical course on sterilisation surgery techniques, which is aimed at recently qualified veterinary surgeons or those getting back into small animal clinics after a break. We also take nurses looking to improve their skills and pre vet students.

We believe in one to one tuition and perfecting your techniques in a safe efficient manner. A large number of surgeries are useless if you consolidate bad or unsafe habits. Attendees can expect on average 5 surgeries per day depending on level. With more per day possible towards the end of the course as your techniques improve and confidence grows. You will be working to a high standard in conditions that should reflect those at home, making the skills you learn easily transferable.

Individual tuition also means we can adapt the course to you, focusing on areas you would like to improve on and adjusting the level of support to your needs. The course length is usually 1 to 2 weeks and can be altered to suit you. We recommend a longer less intensive course as most people find it a lot to absorb in the space of a week. Shorter courses of a few days are also possible.

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